About Me

Having obtained a Ph.D. in mathematics, I am able to understand and to apply sophisticated statistical methods requiring strong theoretical skills. I have more than nine years experience in the pharmaceutical industry covering phase II-IV and observational studies. I have been involved in the design, analysis and reporting of clinical trials in a broad range of therapeutic areas including central nervous system disorders, oncology, metabolic disorders, and cardiology.

Having worked in professional software development as well, I have extensive general programming skills and I am familiar with all aspects of SAS. As a result of a bilingual German-French education in high school and a 6-month research stay in the United States during my Ph.D. studies, I speak both English and French fluently – German is my mother tongue.

As an experienced project leader who is used to working with international teams, I have strong social and communication skills. I have handled projects from various (major and minor) pharmaceutical companies, and I am accustomed to adapting to working in very different process structures within the corporate environment.

If you would like more information on me, please have a look at CV.